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  • Video Making
    Videos: Don't Seek Perfection, Just Do It!

    With all credit to Nike, "Just Do It!" also summarizes the video advice of Jon Bergmann, the Chief Academic Officer of the Flipped Learning Global Initiative in this installment of his series "Do This, Don't Do That" in flipped learning  (

  • Flipped Classroom
    Great Advice for Flipped/Blended Learning Approach

    For those interested in learning more about the application of flipped instruction and/or blended learning techniques, we encourage you to take a look at VetMedAcademy's learning module entitled "Blended Learning and Critical Thinking." However, you might be interested in following the extensive efforts of the Flipped Learning Global Initiative (FLGI) led by Jon Bergmann.

  • Dark Classroom
    How Long Should Videos Be?

    I’ve been impressed by the timeliness of some of the blog posts from LearnDash, and this one by Laura Lynch certainly applies to video content VetMedAcademy tries to develop and highlight.

    All of this gets to the attention span of the learner, and the image shown associated with this “Evidence-Based Learning” blog post was actually taken at the back of a vet school class (and I even think it was right after lunch!). Notice that the screens are not all showing the same thing!  

  • Teaching Students to Fish
    Combatting the Forgetting Curve: Teach Students to Fish!

    A recent post from the LearnDash blog reminded me that one of the biggest challenges content-rich veterinary curricula have is RETENTION.  Putting aside that the LearnDash post focuses on online education, the learning brain functions in similar ways for all types of educational formats.

  • Path to a Clinician
    "Engineering" a Veterinarian: Re-Evaluating the Path from Prerequisites to Competency

    A recent educational survey research article was just published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.  Opinion pieces on veterinary education aside, research articles of this nature are relatively rare for this journal, so its presence is notable in and of itself The

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