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May, 2017 VetMedAcademy Newsletter

Duncan Ferguson
May, 2017 VetMedAcademy Newsletter
by Duncan Ferguson - Saturday, 29 April 2017, 1:13 PM

Dear VetMedAcademy member,

Things have been happening at VetMedAcademy!  If you haven’t visited lately, you’ll see that the homepage “look” has been updated and designed to be more intuitive and functional.  The Moodle platform is now hosted by, a firm dedicated to hosting this learning platform.  Please tell your colleagues about VetMedAcademy as membership is free to anyone associated with the profession.

Also, the VetMedAcademy YouTube site has been greatly expanded, now encompassing around 70 unique videos, organized into topical playlists.  We encourage you to subscribe and be among the first to know when new videos are posted. 

The VetMedAcademy blog has been relaunched as an external blog site focused on evidence-based education.

We encourage you to subscribe to the blog and consider commenting on posts as well as joining in as a contributor.  After all, as a profession, we need to pay attention to how today’s generation of students learn!

Perhaps the most exciting to report is our collaboration with Merck Veterinary Manual to embed its content in appropriate learning modules and to create new animated videos to introduce and highlight MVM content.   An early focus will be on Zoonoses, now a new and developing VMA learning module. The first “mini-module” developed is on Rabies. Please check out the new “Introduction to Rabies” video on the VetMedAcademy website or YouTube channel.

Each mini-module will include a short video to overview and introduce the topic and links to MVM monograph(s) addressing core knowledge.  Additional relevance and advanced learning objectives are associated with exploration of external links.  By successfully completing the mini-module, the learner can earn a VetMedAcademy badge on the subject.

Recent Updates to Modules on VMA

We’d also like to draw your attention to a variety of additions to the following learning modules::

1. Endocrine Physiology unit with MVM links and additional video features.

We are in the process of expanding this module beyond physiology to additional aspects of pathophysiology and medicine.  Contributions and suggestions welcome!

2. Pharmacology Resources, including expansion of many subtopics as well as the “Chalkwalks through Therapy,” a video series devoted to explanation of clinical pharmacology applied to typical clinical cases. Where appropriate, links to relevant high quality monographs such as those in Clinician's Brief and Plumb's Therapeutics Brief are included.

3. Pharmacologia Veterinaria en espanol :Dr. David Villar has rounded out Veterinary Pharmacology in Spanish with additional topics to this module:

Additional Spanish language modules are in the development phase!

4. The International Veterinary Students Association (IVSA) Education committee (SCoVE) members have helped provide reviews for veterinary relevance of videos from, a non-profit focused on development of medical education videos for human medicine.  This is a perfect example of VMA’s recognition that “curation” of already existing biomedical materials on the internet mainly requires an eye for veterinary relevance.  We encourage all VetMedAcademy members to consider contributing such reviews (not only from Osmosis) at the following link.  It would be an easy way to contribute to the VMA community.

Finally, as always, we’d like to remind our members that VetMedAcademy is a non-profit organization dedicated to the curation, creation and dissemination of high quality relevant veterinary learning material, and it seeks contributions big and small.  We seek experts, educators, AND students who would like to contribute to VMA’s international mission with a short video, mini-module of curated or unique content or be willing to create and edit a module about a given topic. Anyone interested can start by joining the “” community on LinkedIn. 

VetMedAcademy is designed to be and will always remain a work-in-progress. Its relevance and usefulness to students will depend upon contributions and suggested updates and content from all members. We are currently interested in recruiting curator/editors for the following topics: Food Animal Medicine, Infectious Disease, Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, Theriogenology, and Neurology.  If interested in helping VMA’s mission with these or other topics, please contact Dr. Duncan Ferguson at

For financial contributions in support of VetMedAcademy’s mission, please contact Dr. David Tollon at Wherever possible, such contributions will be devoted to unique projects such as new unique videos, so don’t be shy about also suggesting topics that you’d like to see on VMA.   

Until next month!

Duncan Ferguson
Re: May, 2017 VetMedAcademy Newsletter
by Duncan Ferguson - Saturday, 29 April 2017, 12:29 PM

Hi everyone,

Apologies if some of you already received this link to the May newsletter.  About half of you might have missed it though.