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Blended Learning and Critical Thinking

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Learn about flipping content and blended learning, all with the goal of creating more time for instructor-student interaction over critical clinical thinking activities.  This resource module is designed for a learner to understand the principles of this form of student-centered learning, and also designed for instructors to possibly use all or part of the module to learn or teach about this subject, particularly as it relates to medical scientific topics, such as in veterinary medicine. This module includes links to external resources, including example blended learning materials, and to web platforms useful for an instructor to facilitate active learning such as veterinary case analysis exercises for the Applied Learning Platform and CG Scholar multimedia writing/peer review platform. The module also contains links to the "Evidence-Based Education" blog now found on this site.

Module Features
General Principles of Flipped and Blended Learning
Technical Aspects of Flipped and Blended Learning
Blended Learning in Science and Medicine
Encouraging Critical Clinical Thinking
Interactive Critical Clinical Thinking Exercises