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Vet School Bootcamp Physiology 2022 (Gastrointestinal)

Duration Time 2 weeks
Level preclinical
Price Postponed: 2022 Dates to be announced

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Interactive Course Postponed Until 2022: 

Course Goals:  Learn HOW to study and effectively review physiology of any organ system using the gastrointestinal system as an example. The instructors introduce the learner to principles of gastrointestinal physiology with the goal of providing structure to meaningful and long-lasting understanding in the context of clinical case problems. Case examples are used to demonstrate and provide practice in clinical problem-solving.  Although designed for first year veterinary students, the approach encompasses recurring principles of gastrointestinal physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and medicine.   Most recent in the bootcamp series of organ physiologies: cardiovascular, renal, and respiratory.

Content: Short video presentations, content review questions, and instructor-learner and learner-learner interactions using message boards and once-weekly live video sessions. All live content will be recorded for later review.  Estimated effort during course: 12-16 hours.

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Module Features
Introduction and Overview of G.I. Tract Function
Principles of G.I. Motility
Principles of G.I. Electrolyte Handling
G.I. Pharmacology Basics
Case Vignettes