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Veterinary Boot Camps: All Physiology Modules 2020

Duration Time Interactive sessions are past: all learning resources available for registration fee
Level basic
Students Designed for Newly Admitted Vet Students, But Open to All Interested - learning resources available until the next interactive offering
Price Half Price!: $49

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We have observed that entering veterinary students often have difficulty adjusting away from a rote learning style that may have led to short-term learning success in pre-veterinary courses. Considering the sheer volume, changing nature, and interdependence of medical content, we would encourage a more integrated long-term strategy to your learning. You have sought to be a veterinarian to solve clinical problems!  Veterinarians use critical thinking to work through clinical problems when the diagnosis is not immediately apparent … they do not rely as much on the memorization of facts, particularly in the digital information age.

In this series of 3 Bootcamp courses, concepts, instructors with over 70 combined years teaching physiology address cardiovascular, respiratory and renal physiology concepts.  These physiology topics are widely considered by first-year students as the most difficult to master, and we will introduce you to strategies for connecting these concepts to your pre-veterinary education, to each other, and ultimately to critical thinking about real-life clinical problems, i.e. cases.

Important Note about the Series: Feedback from the 2019 Approach to Physiology Bootcamp participants led us to do make 2 key adjustments this year: 1) we included only 1 organ system physiology per course to enhance focus on the approach, 2) we moved the courses earlier in the summer and provided 3 topics to allow completion before an entering veterinary student would need to start worrying about moving to school in August!  Please note that, while these courses are designed for entering veterinary students, we feel that they also would be of value to anyone needing a review of these topics.

One of the major points of the Bootcamps is for the learner to gain understanding of the "approach" to a subject.  Each course will have a section called "General Guidance" addressing common skills and strategies for success with veterinary school topics.  However, although each of the 3 physiology series covers a different organ system's physiology, you can consider that each of these courses, alone will stand on its own as an introduction to approaching physiology.  Of course, you might benefit from practicing the approach in the 3 exemplary organ system physiology topics we have chosen.   


For details on each Bootcamp, please see the following links. When you register for these modules, you gain access to the resources until the next interactive offering. Stay tuned for information the 2021 "Approach to Physiology" offering focusing on gastrointestinal physiological concepts.

1.  Vet School Bootcamp 2020: Approach to Physiology (Cardiovascular)

2.  Vet School Bootcamp 2020: Approach to Physiology (Respiratory)

3. Vet School Bootcamp 2020: Approach to Physiology (Renal)

For the HALF PRICE of $49 until December 31, 2021, register for all 3 physiology bootcamps at this LINK.

If you are looking for Vet School Bootcamp 2020: Approach to Pharmacology (not included in this bundle), please go to this LINK.


Module Features
Designed for students entering veterinary school, but open to anyone interested
A series of courses focusing on the approach to studying physiology
Learn how to master a clinically meaningful integrative "approach" to physiology
Led by 2 instructors with over 70 combined years of experience teaching veterinary and medical physiology
See the individual courses for details: Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Renal