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Brief Pre-Clinical Bridges

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Vet Medicating DogWhether you are looking for context and relevance of your pre-clinical studies or wishing you might be reminded of those studies while seeing cases as an upper year student or recent graduate, this is the learning module for you. In partnership with Brief Media which has provided direct links to its articles, VetMedAcademy is developing relevant pre-clinical videos and reading to prepare or remind you of the underpinning concepts to clinical practice. Formative quizzes with video and article link feedback help you see the "bridges" between the pre-clinical and clinical.  Clinical cases can be passively reviewed, or actively analyzed on the interactive peer- and expert-review platform called Common Ground Scholar (  

Ultimate Bridger BadgeTo encourage deep participation, the module has an escalating point award system that seeks to add some healthy anonymous individual and group (class or school pride!) competition to make learning more fun. Earn the "Ultimate Bridger" badge, and become eligible for even more recognition and future awards. New topics within this module will be released every 1-2 months. Be sure to subscribe for the "Announcements" email from this module to be amongst the first to learn about the new opportunities to engage in deeper learning.


Module Features
Highlighting direct links to articles from Clinician's Brief and Plumb's Therapeutics Brief
Pre-clinical ("basic") science videos and reading used to preface and "explain" clinical concepts
Formative quizzes overarching pre-clinical "bridging" and clinical topics
Advanced understanding through critical clinical thinking analyses of clinical cases
Engage fully and gain "Leaderboard" credit by viewing videos, reading articles, taking quizzes and analyzing cases
"Gamified": Individual and Team (Class, School, or Create Your Own Group) Engagement Challenge
Topics to date: Glucocorticoids in Small Animal Practice, Diagnosis of Canine Hypothyroidism, Antimicrobial Resistance in Companion Animal Practice
Earn the "Ultimate Bridger" badge and be eligible for additional awards