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Clinical Pharmacology

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Curated and developed content on relevant topics in  veterinary basic and clinical pharmacology.  Most topics associated with pre-clinical veterinary pharmacology as well as clinical pharmacology instruction are included as listed below. Video content includes 9 animated videos on drug disposition, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics developed by VetMedAcademy and sponsored by Merck Veterinary Manual.  Where possible, case examples are included, and the special video feature "Chalkwalks," the step-by-step explanation of pharmacotherapy in actual (anonymized) cases is highlighted.  Module is maintained by board certified veterinary pharmacologists and toxicologists, and is constantly being updated.

Module Features
General Principles
Principles of Pharmacokinetics, including animated videos supported by Merck Veterinary Manual
Principles of Pharmacodynamics, including animated videos supported by Merck Veterinary Manual
Fluid Therapy
Drug Calculations
Cardiovascular and Critical Care
Pain Management
Accupuncture and Evidence-Based Medicine
Nervous System Pharmacology
Cancer Chemotherapy
Dermatologic Pharmacology
Ophthalmic Pharmacology
Drug Regulations and Veterinary Medicine
"Chalkwalks" in Therapy
Case Studies
Student-created Videos