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COVID Educational Creations Contest

This page summarizes the contest information for the COVID Educational Creations Contest sponsored by Merck Veterinary Manual and hosted by VetMedAcademy.

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Sponsored by Merck Veterinary Manual and Hosted by VetMedAcademy

COVID Educational Creativity Contest

 Deadline: June 15, 2020, 11:59 PM EDT

Please See Downloadable PDF Version of Contest Guide HERE and at the Button Below

We would like to celebrate the faculty creativity during the COVID-19 pandemic of the last 2-3 months. Some of you had prior experience with online learning, and some of you were thrust into it, but regardless, we expect that you have discovered approaches to reaching and encouraging interaction with your now distant students. With this contest,
VetMedAcademy and the Merck Veterinary Manual would like to celebrate those of you who “turned lemons into lemonade.”

We are looking not only for a brief back story of your educational approach during the crisis, but more importantly, want to encourage you to share your success with online education with your colleagues, in a manner that they too might apply it. So, rather than a mini-version of an article in the Journal of Veterinary Medical Education, we are looking for a publishable “educational artifact” of your instruction. The relevant topics include any in veterinary medicine and/or animal health, and any instructor (faculty, resident, intern or other) in veterinary or veterinary technician programs can apply.  Moreover, we are looking for ways that you might have gone beyond a simple recording of your normal lecture presentations to ways that you both educated and engaged your students, even including externally available resources. That recorded lecture might be part of your educational artifact, but we are looking for how you applied some of the affordances of online education. Or perhaps you used resources already available to you and focused on how you interacted with the students. For ideas of what we mean, please see We expect that most submissions may be the equivalent of an interaction around a single topic (perhaps including content of one or more lectures), but if creativity is deemed equivalent, those who present evidence of broader application will be considered favorably. AND as we are telling students about this also, student nominations and/or documentation of student support of an instructor and their online instruction will also be considered favorably. encourages the Creative Commons Attribution model of open-source educational resources. By submitting your educational resource to the contest, you are agreeing to publish (and share) your resource via’s platform. A special learning module will be created to highlight these contributions. All suitable resources will be published, irrespective of being chosen as prize winners. It is possible that some aspects of your instructional resource will have copyrighted material. VetMedAcademy will work with all authors to address these issues after the contest has completed, and open publication will be contingent about their resolution.


Prizes for Submitting Faculty (digital Amazon gift cards)

First Place: $1,000

Second Place: $750

Third Place: $500

4th through 8th Places: $200 each

Everyone else: The recognition of publishing your ideas following review. 

Submissions will be due by June 15, 2020 and decisions will be made by July 8, 2020.

For details about how to submit your instructional resource, please see the instructions on the submission  on the downloadable submission form HERE or at the button below.


COVID Educational Creations Contest Guide
COVID Educational Creations Contest Submission Form
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