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Too many wheels are reinvented in veterinary education.

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Materials are designed for sharing as long as attribution is given to the author or sources. Unless otherwise designated, the materials on are licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


From small contributions, like a video or curated article, to development and editing of a complete learning module.


Supporting Students and Faculty Worldwide

Each school has different needs.

Please let us know how VetMedAcademy can help through collaboration on a learning module for your school.




Use all or part of a module.



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Information for Potential Content Contributors

VetMedAcademy’s mission is student-centered, but also seeks to aid and be aided by veterinary educators. We encourage academic leaders to notify students of the free resources available on the site. VetMedAcademy seeks partnerships with individual faculty, and/or veterinary schools interested in having a formal or informal role in the development or curation of learning materials, and to share in the international outreach mission. We welcome content experts for creation, curation, and review, and seek to provide a publication platform for teaching faculty who have a special message for veterinary students worldwide.

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