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Help Support VetMedAcademy's Non-Profit Mission

How to Donate

Contributions, large and small, are appreciated! VMA seeks to continue to provide resources to learners and faculty for free. Whether it is contributing all or part of the real "platform only" cost of a single member (~$50) or supporting the development of a new educational animated video (~$3,000), you will be advancing the global mission of this educational sharing site.

Direct donations are welcome via Paypal (see below).


Do you shop regularly on If so, if you switch to using Amazon Smile (, you get the same experience you always do at Amazon, but now a portion of your purchase can be donated to It is that simple. No new account setup, just go to Amazon Smile and choose "VetMedAcademy" as your charity of choice. Everything helps. Thanks!

Or perhaps you can donate your time or expertise?  Please email to inquire.  THANKS!

Donate via Paypal