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Keep Teaching During Coronavirus

As a result of the coronavirus, many  veterinary schools are now moving rapidly to all or mostly online instruction. Individual faculty are either struggling to convert their presentations to an online format and could use help with this process. Others might have pre-developed digital content that VetMedAcademy would like to help make available to those in need. VetMedAcademy encourages open-source education using the Creative Commons Attribution model, and wants to help prevention of everyone reinventing wheels.  

Keep Teaching During Coronavirus

In our Blended Learning and Critical Thinking course, we offer many tools and techniques for digital instruction. We're aware that many of the universities are providing technical guidance about moving online, and we're also aware that some of that is encouraging faculty to look for open-source resources.  Well, that is what VetMedAcademy is all about. Let us help you find and share content, and even when it is just part of an entire course's instruction (even a 5 minute part of a 50-minute lecture, or the whole lecture), we can help make it available more broadly to those who might benefit.  With enough interest, we'll be creating a specially designed learning module for such recently "curated" educational resources.

As a basic starter, given that Powerpoint is used most commonly in face-to-face instruction, here is the link for recording a narrative for your Powerpoint at your desktop. 

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Alternatively, please email with any comments or requests. Thanks.