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July, 2016 VetMedAcademy Newsletter

Duncan Ferguson
July, 2016 VetMedAcademy Newsletter
by Duncan Ferguson - Wednesday, 6 July 2016, 6:34 PM

July 6, 2016 VetMedAcademy Newsletter

Dear VetMedAcademy member/subscribers,

We are happy to initiate a periodic communication with members to keep you informed of new developments on the free educational website.  You have been automatically enrolled in this News Forum communication, but may change your subscription status by going to the following site:

or the manner in which you receive it by going to the following options page within the site:

We encourage you to follow the ongoing blog about educational issues as well, or to start your own:

VetMedAcademy has evolved since its creation about 1 year ago through a “soft launch” approach, and we clearly have a very international representation of subscribers with faculty and students from 26 countries:  Belgium, Canada, China, Columbia, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Ireland, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Palestine, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States

We would like to encourage you to give us your opinion via the website survey or email about educational modules you’d like to see on VetMedAcademy.

We encourage you to recommend the site your colleagues to join, and participate!  VetMedAcademy would like to identify faculty and students who are open to “creating and sharing” on the site.  We would like to encourage contributions, large or small, of modules and learning materials.  If you are a student or a faculty member advising and teaching veterinary students, please also considering contributing. If a local veterinary faculty member isn’t available to advise you on a project, please don’t hesitate to contact as at and we’ll help find you an advisor.   Fundamentally, we feel that everyone can learn from the process, so don’t be shy.  The goal is to communicate your insight on a subject to others, and not technical perfection!

We particularly would like to note that the International Veterinary Student Association (IVSA) and VetMedAcademy are teaming up to encourage veterinary students to create educational materials for sharing on the website.

VetMedTeam ( has also shared some of its professional development series with its sister VetMedAcademy site.  VetMedTeam was created 17 years ago to develop asynchronous learning modules for veterinary technicians and veterinarians. Please see the VetMedTeam Corner series link below.

Please note the current series of educational modules and a little bit about their goals.

Current VetMedAcademy Modules


1. Blended Learning and Critical Thinking: all are automatically enrolled in this and other course offerings as the module’s forum and blog addresses the changing nature of medical education

2. IVSA Educational Corner: developed by the International Veterinary Student Association and full of links to its partner content providers including WikiVet, VetStream, and its “VetTalks”  series.

3. VetMedTeam Corner: VMT is home to over  veterinarians and technicians and has shared one of its most popular professional development modules


4. Clinical Autonomics: an overview of clinical applications of autonomic physiology and pharmacology

5. Electrocardiography from Basics to Clinical: a joint project between the University of Illinois and Sokoine University in Tanzania

6. Endocrine Physiology: a series of modules on various endocrine organ physiology, pharmacology and diagnostics

7. Fluid Therapy Basics: designed for early year veterinary students, this module is also a good review of principles about fluid therapy and fluid additives 

Pharmacology and Toxicology

8. Pharmacology Resources: A wide-ranging series of resources on pharmacology, from basic to clinical topics, including the unique series called “Chalkwalks” which are case-focused tutorials on the rationale for therapy in authentic cases.

9. Antiparasitic Resistance: a growing problem, this series by Dr. David Villar of Columbia, overviews the issues arising in South America and beyond 

Spanish Language

10. Farmacología Veterinaria en español:  a very complete series of modules on veterinary pharmacology topics in Spanish by Dr. David Villar of Columbia

We have several under development.  Please let us know if you have suggestions for resources and/or would like to develop resources for these modules:

1. Anesthetic Principles and Practice

2. Assisted Reproductive Technologies

3. Toxicology

Yours in customized learning, 

David Tollon, DVM, MBA


Duncan Ferguson, VMD, PhD, DACVIM, DACVCP