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January 2017 Newsletter: Exciting News and Big Changes Coming Soon

Duncan Ferguson
January 2017 Newsletter: Exciting News and Big Changes Coming Soon
by Duncan Ferguson - Thursday, 12 January 2017, 6:47 AM

January 2017 VetMedAcademy Newsletter

Dear VetMedAcademy members,

Happy and healthy 2017 to everyone!

We’d like to update you on the exciting changes coming soon to (VMA).  In the spirit of providing the best user experience, we have been working over the last couple of months to migrate the Moodle site to the cloud servers of Therefore, on Sunday, January 15, you can expect a change in the look of the main page of the site as we move the site to a new server. We hope you’ll agree the new site is “cleaner” and easier to navigate, making exploring VetMedAcademy’s offerings a more intuitive experience.   We’ve also developed a   introducing the not-for-profit site’s mission and purpose, and it is positioned prominently on the homepage. Links to our YouTube channel and new LinkedIn group will also be found in the footer.

As the free international outreach arm of (VMT), we seek  to leverage over 25 years of experience with distance veterinary continuing education programs to meet the 21st century needs of veterinary students and academics worldwide. We’ve been working on important partnerships designed to expand the content you’ll find on VMA.  Both VMT and VMA would like to announce a renewed collaboration with Merck Veterinary Manual. See the December print issue of Veterinary Advantage magazine for a piece on the partnership

 However, we want to emphasize that each member is welcome to propose, review and/or  develop content, and we particularly would like to encourage students to share their ideas and content, as they know best how they desire to learn. 

We also continue to  encourage academics and other content specialists to dip their toes into developing even a short educational video or piece of module content, and sharing it with the site.  We want VetMedAcademy to become a site for veterinary faculty and other educators  to share (i.e. publish) their best educational concepts and lessons.  We are also interested in identifying veterinary academics interested in serving as reviewers for scripts for planned video content.  

 The mission for VMA is also to expand its relevance worldwide by building content modules in a variety of languages.  Please contact us if you’d be interested in helping evolve any of the current non-English module categories (currently Spanish and just starting, German), or would like to lead development of a module category in another language. Please contact Dr. Duncan Ferguson ( or me ( if interested.

Finally, VetMedAcademy has  expanded its social media presence with a dedicated YouTube channel. When possible, videos will be shared both on the .org site’s Moodle platform as part of educational modules, as well as on YouTube. We also are expanding our presence on LinkedIn, so look for and join our  new “” group there.

To meaningful and engaging learning in 2017,

David Tollon, DVM, MBA

Duncan C. Ferguson, VMD, PhD, DACVIM, DACVCP