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Become a Curator, Creator, Editor, Reviewer

Duncan Ferguson
Become a Curator, Creator, Editor, Reviewer
by Duncan Ferguson - Thursday, 13 July 2017, 9:38 PM

Creator, Editor, Reviewer....VetMedAcademy seeks volunteer veterinary content experts of all types.  

What activities are entailed in each?

Curator: pick a topic within your expertise that you think is relevant to education of any trainee in veterinary medicine,  and notify Duncan Ferguson at  if you would be interested in helping build a learning module on it by identifying quality information on the web. The topic might be related to an organ system or as narrow as a particular disease interest of yours.  VetMedAcademy staff would collate and publish the work as part of a learning module. By doing so, you would help students understand how to identify quality evidence-based work on the web.

As an example, you could forward relevant topics, or review and annotate human medical videos for veterinary relevance as seen, for example on 

Creator: create a unique learning module or even a short video on one or more topics relevant to veterinary education

For more, please see the following videos, also currently linked on the homepage.

Introduction to VetMedAcademy

Please contact if you need technical support or advice.

Editor: just as for a journal, contribute by helping build a special topic area, such as in a specialty area. Contact Duncan Ferguson at if interested.  You would likely also occasionally be a Curator and Creator.

Reviewer:  again, as for a journal, commit to anonymously reviewing existing or learning modules or those in development so we can pioneer publication of peer-reviewed learning modules, and raise the professional value of such contributions made by content experts in academia.

Please consider being a volunteer and help change the face of veterinary education.  If you don't have time to volunteer, please help this effort by donating your financial support  to the realization of VetMedAcademy's international veterinary educational mission. Please contact Dr. David Tollon at for details.


Duncan Ferguson
Re: Become a Curator, Creator, Editor, Reviewer
by Duncan Ferguson - Thursday, 13 July 2017, 10:11 PM

As a followup to the last VetMedAcademy News Forum post, here are the direct links as those viewing only through email will not see the embedded videos


For more, please see the following videos, also currently linked on the homepage. Or you can copy and paste these links in a browser.

Introduction to VetMedAcademy:  

Invitation to Content Experts:  

The Ideal Learning Module: