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Current Happenings at VetMedAcademy

Duncan Ferguson
Current Happenings at VetMedAcademy
by Duncan Ferguson - Tuesday, 15 August 2017, 11:48 AM

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Dear VetMedAcademy member,

In case you haven't checked it out at lately, we wanted you to be sure to see the latest novel animated video by VetMedAcademy about the zoonosis Cryptosporidiosis developed in partnership with Merck Veterinary Manual.  Check out Dr. Ralph Askren's  wonderful illustrations. Ralph, of Athens, GA, also helped us out with the narration too.  You can find this video and associated learning materials  housed in the "Zoonoses" learning module.

Cryptosporidiosis video: 

Direct Link to Zoonoses module: 

In addition to our novel videos and learning modules, we're in the process of developing additional novel animated videos as well as continuing to curate videos from academics and other content experts.  Please consider contributing your ideas and support.

As we think that vet students have a lot to share with each other and the rest of us.... and are super-creative, we're going to soon be announcing a student contest for the development of short learning modules focused around either a novel educational video they have created or one they have curated from the web.  Stay tuned.  

We also are partnering with WikiVet, the Royal Veterinary College in London, the University of Sydney (Australia) and the International Veterinary Student Association to develop a 24-hour round-the-clock online symposium on March 10, 2018. We are joining together in honor of WikiVet's 10th year it will be called WikiVet Live!  VetMedAcademy will be responsible for the 8 hour timeslot in the timezones of the Americas.

As always, if you'd like to support the non-profit mission of VetMedAcademy with your time and/or financial support, please contact us at

Have a great rest of your summer/winter, depending upon where you are!