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New Functionality on VetMedAcademy - Global Search

Duncan Ferguson
New Functionality on VetMedAcademy - Global Search
by Duncan Ferguson - Saturday, 30 September 2017, 2:38 PM

Hi everyone,

Periodically, we'll be updating you on significant changes and updates to the VetMedAcademy learning platform.  One that should impact anyone looking for specific learning materials would be the newly added option for "Global Search" which is now seen at the top righthand end of the menubar where it says "Search."

VMA Main Menubar

   The entire site is being periodically indexed and when you are signed in, it will search all information associated with learning modules to which you have access.

For example, once signed in, searching for "pharmacology" searches within all content and brings up all open pharmacology resources on the site.

Pharmacology Search

with the following results.

Pharmacology Search Results

And there is more...give it a try for a topic of interest to you...but remember to sign in first!

Cheers from VetMedAcademy