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Hearty Thanks to all of our Members

Duncan Ferguson
Hearty Thanks to all of our Members
2017年 11月 22日(Wednesday) 13:05 - Ferguson Duncan の投稿

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Thank You in Many Languages

Dear VetMedAcademy members,

Some of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. We would like to thank you all for registering on the VetMedAcademy site, and would hope that, whether you are new or registered some time ago, please take the time for a fresh look at its learning modules such as the newly updated Zoonosis module, a partnership with Merck Veterinary Manual, and the newly released video that is part of it.  


As you do, please recognize that the non-profit (charity) mission of VetMedAcademy is to serve educational needs of students in animal health related fields around the world. As such, we encourage any of you with expertise (by training or experience!) and the interest and time to share your perspective with contributions from anywhere from a short video perspective of a topic or interesting case to a curator/editor looking out for excellent learning material or articles relevant to students, to someone who helps us design and maintain a complete topic module.

In other words, the idea behind VetMedAcademy is that it will always be a work in progress, and its progress will, in part, depend upon the commitment and generosity of its members. Regardless of whether you might commit to help with content, we appreciate your ideas for future content development. Please email with any suggestions.

Again, thank you to those who have helped contribute so far, and we thank everyone for taking a look at VetMedAcademy's vision for global veterinary education.