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Renal Concepts

Module Instructor/Curator
Level preclinical

This module takes you through key concepts of renal physiology including the mechanisms of fluid absorption and secretion and handling of key electrolytes, sodium, potassium, and calcium. Topics are outlined as shown below in 13 concept videos and case introductions and explanations, supplemented by review questions. The basic aspects of fluid replacement therapy are also discussed in order to allow greater appreciation of clinical case examples.  Concept and case presentations include video presentations, and case summary discussion videos highlight actual points made by students. 

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Module Features
Renal Mass Balance
Clearance Concepts
Clearance Applications
Glomerular Filtration Rate
Renal Tubular Transport
Sodium and Water Reabsorption
Control of Plasma Osmolality
Countercurrent Mechanisms
Mineralocorticoid Physiology
Calcium Regulation
Fluid Therapy Basics: Volume, Rate, Route, Solutes, Osmolality and Tonicity, Fluid Types and Additives
Relevant clinical cases with Introduction and Explanations