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Duration: Part 1 (8:01)

Pediatric Pharmacology


Presentation by Melissa Clark DVM, PhD, DACVCP, DACVIM on considerations for drug administration to young animals. This presentation was presented as part of the March 2018 WikiVet Live teleconference, co-organized by VetMedAcademy. For additional information on this speaker and topic, please see:  

For additional learning materials and review questions on veterinary clinical pharmacology, please register with VetMedAcademy at and see the Clinical Pharmacology learning module.

Part 1, Physiological and Pharmacokinetic Considerations (8:01): shown 

Part 2, Drug Metabolism Considerations (4:21): Video   

Part 3, Drug Label Considerations (1:41): Video 

Part 4, Specific Drug Classes (13:31): Video

Part 5, Case Scenario and Summary (2:00): Video

Full video (30:06)

5-part play-list