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Dis-Integration or Re-Integration of the Pre-Clinical Sciences in Medical Education? Part 1

As early as 1909, Abraham Flexner initiated the model for educating physicians that largely exists to this day in both medical and, with variations, veterinary education: 2 years of pre-clinical and 2 years of clinical training. In recent years, veterinary education has seen increasingly flexible approaches to pre-clinical instruction, some extending beyond a single institution.

Evidence-Based Instructional Practices (EBIPs): “The time has come…”

Schools at all levels, with a summer to prepare (and in some cases, re-prepare), are trying a variety of instructional approaches ranging from all face-to-face to blended learning to all online.   The virus has its own agenda borne out most clearly in communities where the baseline infection rate is not low enough.  The result has often become a return to mostly online instruction.