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Seeking better understanding of clinical relevance, or a review of physiology and pharmacology? VMA is the place for you.

1. Specializing in, but not limited to physiology and pharmacology
2. 60% of ~600 educational videos are ONLY found in our multi-resource learning modules at; only 40% are public on our YouTube Channel.
3. Database of PDF textbooks from, pharmacology video content developed for the Merck Veterinary Manual, and 3 partner learning modules with direct links to content in Clinician's Brief and Plumb's.
4. Is your native language Spanish? Find pharmacology and toxicology support also. [¿Tu lengua materna es el español? Encuentre también apoyo en farmacología y toxicología.]


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With all that for free, why not support VMA? get a great deal in return.

Pharmacology and Renal Physiology bootcamps are already open to all. Great as a supplement or review, these modules are focused on the clinical relevance of physiology and pharmacology.

Check out the following premium "bootcamps" to access the rest: individually for $20 or $50 for the bundle of 3.
Cardiovascular Physiology
Respiratory Physiology
G.I. Physiology and Pharmacology

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5. Highlighted videos: see more on our YouTube channel
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Learning Site
1. Where you register or login for free.
2. 27 learning modules: 17 FREE, 3 premium, 4 member modules.
3. Dashboard links to PDF textbook database (, Merck Veterinary Manual, and database of >150 pharmacotherapy articles from Clinician's Brief.
4. Links to AI-enhanced tools for teaching and learning critical clinical thinking

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