Looking Forward to 2024 with VMA
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Look forward to a new year of discovery and growth with VetMedAcademy as your trusted guide. Please check out our free educational resources. They can help you clarify complex concepts or motivate your studies with case-based examples. Let VMA be the catalyst for your success as you navigate the exciting world of veterinary medicine. We'd like you to be aware of the following as you head into a new year.

Highlighted Video Playlists

Video Playlists

Currently, VMA's YouTube channel currently has 215 public videos, but another 354 are only viewable on our free learning site at https://vmacad.org. Login in or signup at: https://vmacad.org/login/index.php

See highlighted playlists: https://vetmedacademy.org/videos 

For Faculty as well as Students

Faculty and Student

VMA is not just for students. Faculty are invited to contribute and to "borrow" our open-source educational resources based on Creative Commons standards (click below). Why invent the next wheel?