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Boosting the Retention of Learning

Any instructor, particularly those in content-rich medical curricula, has seen the rapid decay of recall of information that has been the focus of prior study AND examination.  Having taught pharmacology in a curricula with short (1 week) practical clinically focused rotations that immediately followed an 8-week didactic lecture-base course in pharmacology, I’ve heard students claim ignorance about a topic they were examined on only a couple of weeks earlier!  

"Engineering" a Veterinarian: Re-Evaluating the Path from Prerequisites to Competency

A recent educational survey research article was just published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.  Opinion pieces on veterinary education aside, research articles of this nature are relatively rare for this journal, so its presence is notable in and of itself

Teaching for Mastery: Shouldn't Vet Med Be About This?
Salman Khan of discusses the rationale for teaching to mastery, allowing for different paces.  If we seek to train students to a given standard in veterinary medicine, what are the constraints that prevent veterinary curricula from not adopting some element of this approach?
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