Jennifer Davis
Degrees and Specialties





Training and Background

Associate Professor, Clinical Pharmacology, Department of Biomedical Sciences & Pathobiology, Virginia Tech University College of Veterinary Medicine 

Background and Interests

Dr. Davis received her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Virginia Tech.  She then did an internship at Mississippi State University in Equine Medicine and Surgery.  From there, she completed a residency in Equine Internal Medicine at North Carolina State University, during which time she received a Master’s degree in Specialized Veterinary Medicine and achieved board certification as a specialist in Large Animal Internal Medicine. Following this, she completed a PhD program and residency in Clinical Pharmacology.  She also received board certification as a specialist in Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology.  Dr. Davis spent 10 years as faculty at North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in Equine Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology.  She has recently moved backed to Blacksburg and is currently an Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at the VMCVM.  Her research area of interest involves pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics of therapeutic and investigational drugs, drug release from novel pharmaceutical forms, and drug stability/strength in compounded formulations.