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TED Talk: Global Learning Crisis


I thought I’d pass along this recent very powerful TED Talk. In this blog, we’ve talked about the international evaluation of student learning using the international PISA exam, an exam given to 15 year-olds around the world. This exam also includes elements assessing critical thinking. Ms. Karboul references the higher standing of countries that have invested and focused on student learning.  If there is one message, it is that learning takes a village. Also, the speaker distinguishes between education and learning. How do we get to the latter?

The global learning crisis — and what to do about it

15:09 minutes ·  from TED@BCG Milan – October, 2017

“The most important infrastructure we have is educated minds, says former Tunisian government minister Amel Karboul. Yet too often large investments go to more visible initiatives such as bridges and roads, when it’s the minds of our children that will really create a brighter future. In this sharp talk, she shares actionable ideas to ensure that every child is in school — and learning — within just one generation.”