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IN A HURRY?  Here is the link to Vet-Library on VMA E-Text PDF Repository Search Engine

  • VetMedAcademy is now an institutional subscriber to Vet-Library's online bookstore of e-textbooks and journals. More information about Vet-Library can be found on our Partners page.

  • What does that mean for you as a VetMedAcademy member?
    It means that we can make available for your use and those of our curator/instructors any of Vet-Library's current 1,100 electronic publications, including high quality textbooks and journals.

  • How will I be able to access the e-publications without cost?
    When signed into VetMedAcademy, at this site or at appropriate learning modules, you will find links to the PDF files of the e-texts. You can download these files.

  • You may view or download files only while logged into VetMedAcademy.  If you seek Vet-Library files that are not shown in our PDF repository, you may request them to be added by posting a message in the Vet-Library Request Forum within this learning module. 
    Under the institutional subscription agreement, only VMA administrators may download directly from Vet-Library site.  We will prioritize texts associated with current or planned learning modules.

Module Features
Full access to Vet-Library's e-texts and e-journals as a VMA member
PDF Repository to E-Publications
Request E-Publications on Vet-Library Not Already Present
Instructor/Curators Using Links to Suggested Reading within Learning Modules