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A work-in-progress. Please suggest new topics for our Help Manual by posting in our Community Forum

VetMedAcademy will soon offer the opportunity for subscription to email notices for the Evidence-Based Education blog.

Currently, the easiest way to subscribe and customize a "Feed" that communicates with a browser extension or app.

  1. Firstly, go to the Blog page
  2. You will see a list of Topic "Tags" used to label blog posts.  
    Blog Tags
  3. You may click on any of these tags to narrow your topic choices, but to subscribe to the entire blog feed, choose the "Blog" button and you will see a listing of all articles tagged "Blog" as shown below.
    Blog Subscribe
  4. Notice the link at the bottom labelled "Subscribe to Blog" (if you chose another Tag, it will show the name of that tag). Click on this and you will see a long text displayed.  Ignore the text and notice the link name. 
    Blog Feed Link
  5. Copy the link, which for the Blog "RSS" Feed is:
  6. Add this to your browser feed extension or your phone feed app and you can set your filters for how to receive the blog feeds, how often, and how many to maintain (the feed sends up to the latest 20).

And if you would like to focus on a particular Tag topic, just replace the number in the URL. Here is the list of Topics and Tag numbers:

By Year: 2017: 37    2018: 53

By Topic:  Blended Learning: 30   Critical Thinking: 29    Teaching and  Learning: 47  

Projected-Based Learning: 50  Problem-Based Learning: 51  E-Learning: 48

Evidence-Based Medicine: 49  Mastery: 39  Open Educational Resources (OERs): 55

Motivation:52   Chronicle of Higher Education: 40

Please subscribe and follow the Evidence-based Education Blog!